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The activity of “the disabled launching business together” held by Centum Charitas Foundation is meaningful. The employment of the disabled needs a lot of support, so this activity just provides a new platform~the Internet, enabling the caring people to try to do business. I believe that [to teach someone to fish] is the permanently effective way to help the disabled with their employment.

                                                                                      ----Participant, Helen


 I give it pieces of thank you card to serve you is called “tomato” in Chinese and “thank you!!!” in English. Many thanks!  



Dear Mr. Lee:

Thank you very much!!!!!




"Project BLESS" not only helps people but also save their lives. Mr. Lee, I want to thank you for your kind heart and kind deed which are widely acclaimed!

The permanently grateful person
Beneficiary of "Project BLESS"



I will try my best to tell my sisters with my personal experience that life exists only once so that they must treasure it.

A peer educator attempting suicide from
Ziyang Psychological Crisis Intervention Pilot station



Through (Lee Ka Kit Ziyang rural women psychological crisis intervention program) training, I got to know what is psychological crisis and further understand that helping others brings happiness.

Village doctor trained by Lee Ka Kit Ziyang rural women
psychological crisis intervention program



For the suicide’s relatives, immediate care is helpful. The research work in Hong Kong University can lead to useful data to decide on the effective way of helping the beneficiaries so as to relieve their pains.

A son participating in [Hope Project of Caring Life]
whose mother just jumped to death



It is the first time for me to receive such a high-class expert lecture on the theoretical principles and practical techniques for crisis intervention. I had an excellent exchange with mental health educators from all over the country.

Diao Yuxiang from Chongqing University who participated in Tsinghua University High institution of education psychological counselor training



what this training brings me is not only a scratch of theory or technique but a kind of [belonging] and [identity]. I feel I am not alone in the research and practice in the field of psychological crisis but with a strong group with whom I can communicate and improve myself as well as support each other. This safe [reliance] can give me more efficacy and confidence to face the future research and practice. thank all the organizers and teachers for their hard work.

Zhang Hongyu from Beijing Normal University who participated in Tsinghua University High institution of education psychological counselor training



I was at loss as to what to do, but the timely care service could offer me some suggestions which I was quite satisfied with. Thanks a lot!

 A wife whose husband just hung himself to death



My daughter who was still crying to sleep on the laps of mine and my husband and begging us to give her a massage, but several hours later, she left us for the Father. The sudden change almost killed me, tearing my heart and stopping the world. I could give any response but just asked why it happened. The question mark lingered on. Fortunately, under the support of brothers and sisters, I participated in the suicide relatives’ get-together several months later, which served as spiritual support for my husband and me to walk out of this dark valley.

Zhang Tai, member of Hong Kong University Life Rainbow Group



Through this training, I never feel at loss as to what to do with the specific work, unlike the feeling when I began to work in the village (I am a college student village leader). Though I majored in social work in the university which was related to some of my present work, it was all too shallow. In spite of the methods and professional techniques I have learned, I was still at sea as to how to tackle the various issues in the countryside. After this training, I have some directions. With this precious opportunity, I will combine what I have learned this time with that acquired in the university to perform better in suicide prevention. I find the application of the methods and techniques taught by the teachers are particularly useful, so I hope that there will more activities like this to offer me more opportunities to learn.

Zhang Tai participating in Lee Ka Kit Ziyang Rural Women’s Life


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